The Bees

ELBERT + LORRA ENGAGEMENT PHOTOS-214Elbert and Lorra are a husband and wife team, determined to fill your computer screens with a weekly dose of cutesy comics inspired by their merry married adventures.

On his own, Elbert is a comic book creator, illustrator, graphic designer, copywriter, teacher, entrepreneur, project manager, and corporate training facilitator (WHAT A MOUTHFUL). His work is seen in several titles including National Book Award-winning graphic novel anthologies Siglo: Freedom and Siglo: PassionAng Mga Kuwento Ni Lola Basyang, Lola: A Ghost Story, and the best-selling The More The Manyer series, Bakemono High, and a current favorite – Manosaur. Visit Elbert’s website to learn more.

On her own, Lorra is a lover of storytelling through art and painting with watercolor. She has been painting (almost) on a daily basis since mid-2014, and has been having the time of her life with it. Currently, she is working on several book and personal projects and has offered a few watercolor workshops to people who want to experience the joy of painting. Visit Lorra’s website to learn more.

It has really been such a wonderful and blessed adventure so far, as husband and wife, but the biggest blessing has just happened to their lives. They’re expecting their first baby! They can’t wait to have more experiences and build more memories together, with their Babybee in tow.

Photo credit: Nez Cruz


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