Episode 105: Not PMS


These first trimester symptoms are quite something.



Episode 101: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3


If you’ve been with us from the beginning, you’d know that we had a good couple of years of married life with just the two of us. Of course, Lolabee pestered us a lot about it (herehere, here, and here). Other people chimed in too.

Those two years of ups and downs were definitely something, but now it’s time for something more, something better.

Yes, you guys, we’re pregnant! And we’re happy to share it with all of you.


Episode 100: Season Two

Homeycomb_100Did you miss us?

It was a short but quite unexpected hiatus (sorry!), but we’re back and SEASON TWO of Homeycomb: A Married Life is going to be more fantastic (we dare say it). There are a few changes here and there, but we hope that it’s all for the better!

This is us officially inviting you to continue this crazy adventure with us! Happy 100th episode and here’s to 100 more (and more and more and more)!

P.S. We’re also on Tapastic, if you didn’t know yet. Follow us there too. We’re putting up a support system there soon and there will be extra perks for everyone who decides to give us their monthly undying love. See you there!