Episode 115: Parenting Time Paradox

Hellooooooo! We keep saying we’re back, but we’re not. Haha sorry. We underestimated the amount of havoc wreaking a toddler can do.
But like this episode that we have successfully finished (we are so proud of ourselves right now), we’ll do our best to come out with more stuff. You know, in between the hair-pulling, hysterically crying, and practice walking.


Homeycomb Holidays to All!

Though this may be the busiest, most challenging last few months for us here at Homeycomb HQ, we’re still thankful for the blessings we have received. We wish for you all a blessed season as well; may the coming year grace you with love and kindness. Thank you so much for joining us this year, there will be more comics and fun things in 2015!


Episode 070: The Fourth Magi Part 1

So, um, yeah. We kind of missed a week because things were happening as it usually does in life, and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to produce the episode for last week. But we figured, it was better to produce something we felt was good enough rather than come out with a half-assed episode just for the sake of following a schedule.

Anyway, we won’t bother you any longer about excuses and such.

We are proud to present, our three-parter Christmas special, about Wong, the Fourth Magi. Expect Part 2 tomorrow, and Part 3 next Saturday. Enjoy!