Homeycomb x Katha Magazine

Good morning and happy Monday! It’s the start of a new week and we have a special surprise for you.

Katha Magazine is a bimonthly online magazine that celebrates Filipino creativity and we had the awesome opportunity to be a part of their 3rd issue, Big Leaps.

It’s the new year, and new year is always the perfect time for a change. It’s certainly daunting, or better put, absolutely terrifying. But there are a lot of people out there who have taken that proverbial leap of faith in life and in love, and we’re thankful that some of them are sharing their stories with the rest of us within this issue’s pages.


As that excerpt from their editorial letter says, it’s all about taking that next step towards change. And things have certainly changed a lot for us in the past 8 months since getting married.


For our feature, we talked about the newness of living together, challenges and all. We also made a 2-episode Katha Magazine Special comic. We really had a lot of fun making those two episodes, especially because we got to geek out again. It was so hard not to share it for months! To read our bit, turn to page 32.


We also loved what Aya Dalumpines (one of Katha’s masterminds) did for us. As a part of the feature, she created 3D renderings of how we can decorate our home and maximize our space. It was so spot on with what we wanted, especially with our dream home office. Our favorite was the work tables, each one perfect for our personalities.

Be sure to read the rest of the magazine to discover and fall in love with Filipino creativity. Just go to bit.ly/katha-issue03 and enjoy!

Find Katha Magazine elsewhere: Facebook | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter



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